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Knee Pain

As the largest joint in the body, your knee absorbs significant stress throughout the day. Knee pain symptoms can vary, but some common manifestations are swelling, stiffness, weakness, popping, grinding, and an inability to walk without pain.

There are a wide variety of conditions that result in knee pain. Some common causes of knee pain are trauma from a serious accident (such as a torn meniscus or an ACL tear), repetitive stress, or arthritis. Athletes, people who perform physical labor such as working in a warehouse or carrying out heavy lifting, and older adults are at increased risk for developing knee pain.

Obese individuals are also at risk due to the added weight putting stress on your bones and joints, including your knees. This is why exercise is often recommended by doctors in conjunction with knee pain treatment.

Knee pain commonly involves more than just the structures inside the joint.  It may include the tendons or ligaments outside of the joint.  In order to have complete relief of pain, all of the sources of pain must be treated. If you are tired of living with knee pain after trying other forms of therapy you may be a candidate for one of our minimally invasive treatments.

What do we offer for your knee pain?

Every patient is different and that’s why we have a wide range of treatments to help patients of all types and needs. Here are just some of the treatments we offer your knees:

  • Knee Joint Rehab and Supplementation: We try to restore lubrication to your knee joints while fitting you with supports to help you stand and move around with minimal discomfort.
  • Regenerative Medicine: It may seem like science fiction, but we can use the power of your body’s healing abilities to repair and recover your knees from pain by regenerating cells and restoring knee function after tears and other knee joint conditions. We offer a range of regenerative options, including stem cells harnessed from your body, PRP (platelet rich plasma), and exosomes.

Contacts us today at Thrive Pain Management to find out what we can do to alleviate your knee pain, so you can get back to an active, pain-free life!